About Us

Duman Surface Engineering Company was established in 2006, relying on knowledge and skill of managers and engineers as an independent company to provide gearbox services and qualified components and spare parts for Oil and Gas industries.

Duman company has been registered as an authorized supplier of Iran Oil Ministry vendor list since 2014, and developed unique services on gears precise measurement with no dimensional limits and reverse engineering by latest technical methods using portable gear measuring, CMM and 3D laser scanner since 2016.

Duman’s main activities

Supplying spare parts of rotary equipment for oil/gas refinery petrochemical industries and Power Plants.

Supplying spare gears from given samples or drawings for industrial gear units of different brands.

Measurement of parts and gears; without any dimensional limits, onsite or our workshop by portable CMM.

Inspecting, Repair and Upgrading of gearboxes.